Jan van Rahden
Managing Director
JK Minerals & Metals was founded in 1996 and has its registered office in Goslar, Germany.

The business of JK Minerals & Metals is the international trade of non-ferrous metals, its scraps and raw materials.

One of the main activities is the purchase of ores and concentrates, such as Tantalite, Columbite, Cassiterite (Tin ore) and Wolframite, mainly in African and South American countries, for the consuming plants in Europe, USA and Far East.

JK Minerals & Metals has available a complete ore processing plant and a laboratory for quick and exact analysis in the North-East of Brazil.

Another part of JK Minerals & Metals business is the international trade of various pure non-ferrous metals, such as Tantalum, Niobium, Rhenium, Tungsten, etc. in different forms, dimensions and qualities and non-ferrous metal scarps, such as Tantalum anodes, capacitors, sheets cuttings, WC (Tungsten Carbide), Platinum and Palladium containing catalysts and electronic scrap.

JK Minerals & Metals has more than 25 years experience in the metal business and established excellent relationships to suppliers and customers all over the world.

Service, competence, reliability and flexibility are the brand of JK Minerals & Metals.